Personality and politics “Who and What Is Mitt Romney?” from The Daily Beast

This is a fascinating analysis of Mitt Romney, would-be American Presidential candidate. The research mentioned evidently analyses political candidates’ presumed personalities from mentions in the media of their various traits, and then endeavours to build up a profile of their personality as a whole. From this, the researcher finds a good correlation between electoral success and a certain personality profile. It seems some people present themselves in a more electable way. For example:

Romney’s problem, according to Immelman, is that modern voters tend to reject two personality types in particular: introverted people, who would “rather lead a life of their own mind than relate to others,” and conscientious people, who are “proper, diligent, detail-oriented, and super-rational.” Romney isn’t especially introverted, but his conscientiousness is pronounced; in fact, it is the only trait of his that qualifies as clinically “prominent.”

via Who and What Is Mitt Romney? – The Daily Beast.


I would really like to get my hands on more of this research, but it is proving tricky. The article mentions that different profiles appear to have been more successful in different eras, and so one can only presume that different personality profiles will be more electable in different jurisdictions, and as such, I am left wondering how to parse my knowledge of personality with that of Irish electoral success – which traits will prove most popular in the Presidential election?


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