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Cyber Security Lessons From Surviving An Earthquake #IRISSCON

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Here’s the video of my presentation at IRISSCON, the 9th IRISSCERT Cyber Crime Conference in Dublin, Ireland, on the 24th November 2017. The full title of my talk is “Protecting What Matters: Cyber Security Lessons From Surviving An Earthquake” – abstract is below.

In this talk I am focussing on incident response in cybersecurity – in other words, how to respond in a crisis. Taking inspiration from Bruce Hallas’ ‘The Analogies Project’, and also theory of cyber securitization, I describe these events in relation to a very personal experience: when disaster struck during my recent honeymoon.

Check out the video below, where I describe how my wife and I survived an earthquake, you can survive a cyber attack!




Not a week passes these days without another major cybersecurity event occurring. Yet some companies manage to handle these events well, and thrive, whereas others handle them poorly, and struggle to survive. In this talk I try to provide some insight into how cybersecurity incident response can improve by applying some lessons from my own experience. But not professional or technical experience. A couple of months ago, while on honeymoon on the Greek island of Kos, my wife and I experienced a 6.7 magnitude earthquake. (You may have heard me on Morning Ireland!). In this talk, I will attempt to explain how some life lessons from this event can be applied to cybersecurity incident response. I will talk about back-up procedure, crisis communications, and corporate culture. I’ll also talk about dealing with the media, coping with aftershocks and what to do when things go feral. In sum, if we survived an earthquake, you should be able to survive your next breach.


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