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Ciarán Mc Mahon

Hi, my name is Dr Ciarán Mc Mahon. I am an academic psychologist

I have a B.Sc. in Psychology and a Ph.D. in History and Philosophy of Psychology, both from University College Dublin. Ciarán is primarily interested in the psychology of technology, from ancient methods of writing to modern social media.

Dr Mc Mahon has authored peer-reviewed publications on the popularity of social media, the cyberpsychology of online organised crime, and the concept of digital wellness. He has been an invited speaker for many audiences, including political conventions, health service committees, information security events, police force workshops, as well academic conferences. He has also written a number of columns on topics including internet drinking games, online grieving, and trolling behaviour.

Ciarán is most passionate when explaining complex concepts. He has lectured on several undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including modules on developmental, organisational and social psychology; human-computer interaction, cognitive ergonomics, and research methods.

Dr Mc Mahon has long been enthusiastic about online media and began blogging on the psychology of Facebook in 2009. In 2011 his Candidate.ie website, reporting on political social media, was shortlisted in the Irish Blog Awards and archived by the National Library of Ireland. In addition, Ciarán was listed 100 most followed psychologists on Twitter by the British Psychological Society in 2013. He developed evidence-based anti-cyberbullying resources for the 2013 EU Safer Internet Day. He lent authority to the award-winning 2014 documentary Internet Addiction And Me, and was also included in documentary on social media ‘addiction’ on TV3 in October 2015.

Ciarán has worked at a number of third level institutions, most recently at the CyberPsychology Research Centre at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. In this role, he secured and managed the Centre’s first international funding – a European Commission project examining online child safety. In 2015, having fulfilled his ambitions there, he decided to focus more deeply on the topics which interest him most. This means firstly and foremost the psychology of social media, but more broadly, the meaning of technology.

Ciarán also has extensive media experience and regularly offers measured opinion on cyberbullying, internet politics, Facebook friendships, and the dark web to national and international media, including USA Today, Newstalk, TV3 and RTE Radio 1. Most recently Dr Mc Mahon has appeared in InfoSecurity Magazine.



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British Computer Society
Ulster Bank