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Are we really being ourselves on social media? Can we benefit from connecting with people we barely know online? Why do some people overshare on social networking sites?

The Psychology of Social Media explores how so much of our everyday lives is played out online, and how this can impact our identity, wellbeing and relationships. It looks at how our online profiles, connections, status updates and sharing of photographs can be a way to express ourselves and form connections, but also highlights the pitfalls of social media including privacy issues.

From FOMO to fraping, and from subtweeting to selfies, The Psychology of Social Media shows how social media has developed a whole new world of communication, and for better or worse is likely to continue to be an essential part of how we understand our selves.

Cyber security issues, problems and incidents don’t always relate to technological faults. Many can be avoided or mitigated through improved cyber security awareness (A), behaviour (B) and culture change (C). These ABCs are key components of the overall security status of an organisation. This book guides organisations looking to create an enhanced security culture through improved understanding and practice of cyber security at an individual level. Crucial awareness, behaviour and culture concepts are covered from the ground up alongside practical tips and examples, providing a key resource for those looking to create lasting cyber security awareness, behavioural and culture change initiatives.

This book explores how COVID-19 has impacted our relationship with media and technology, and chapters examine a range of topics including fake news, social media, conspiracy theories, belonging, online emotional lives and relationship formation, and identity. It shows the benefits media and technology can have in relation to coping with crises and navigating challenging situations, whilst also examining the potential pitfalls that emerge due to our increasing reliance on them. In a world where the cyberpsychological space is constantly developing, this volume exposes the complexities surrounding the interaction of human psychology with media and technology, and reflects on what this might look like in the future.

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